“The Ruins” Blog: One Expensive Punch


Last night’s episode was pretty epic.

Let’s begin with the fight between Brad and Darrell: It was all Casey’s (and KellyAnne’s) fault.

You have to realize that these people have been in this house for many days and they can’t watch TV or listen to music. I don’t even think they’re allowed to use the Internet. All they have is each other and it’s easy to develop Cabin Fever.

Brad had every right to be upset with Casey and her shenanigans. Her value is nil. I’m completely baffled why she doesn’t just bow out of the game. She does realize that even if she makes the Finals, she’s so inept that her team will lose – decisively.

I was pretty shocked by the Brad/Darrell fight for a few reasons:

  1. Brad and Darrell was two of the more level-headed males in the house. They were there to win the money, flat out.
  2. Brad usually doesn’t ruffle people’s feathers. I thought that if someone were to fight him it would be one where someone provoked him or one of the guys was on a rampage and hitting whoever was in the vicinity and Brad just happened to be standing a few feet away.
  3. Darrell had the most money banked, by far. He had nothing to lose. He was going to the Finals and even if the Champions lost, he still would have been handsomely rewarded.

Well, that all changes when Brad gets really drunk and for some reason I forgot that on “RW: San Diego” Brad was arrested for Public Intoxication. Go figure. Brad and Darrell both eliminated from “The Ruins” was a lose/lose for all parties involved. The Challengers are down to one male, Dunbar, who could possibly be eliminated before the final challenge since he will have to go into the elimination. The Champions lose a proven winner in Darrell. Brad received one of the worst black eyes I have ever seen in the history of television and Darrell lost over $30,000 – he punched Brad about three times, so that equals $10,000 per punch. Ouch!

With the Challengers  squad in shambles, KellyAnne adds insult to injury and drunkenly accuses Dunbar of telling people that they slept together. For the rest of the episode she basically campaigns for Dunbar to get eliminated from the show, so there will only be the girls left on the Challengers team. What an idiot.

Susie, being the only girl left on the Champions, tried to convince the boys to let her choose Casey to go into the elimination with her. The boys shut her down and basically made her pick Kimberly as her opponent.

The episode ended in a “To Be Continued…” with Susie and Kim duking it out in the elimination.

So the next episode will feature the end of the elimination between Susie and Kim and the elimination between Dunbar and Johnny Bananas.

I really want the the Challengers to win, but without Brad and them still having Casey, there’s no shot for them to come out as the victors. Which means that the three stooges – Evan, Kenny and fill in the blank – will win again without having to show any real strength.

Stay tuned.

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