DJ’s Chill ‘n Grill

DJ’s Chill ‘n Grill is a fun and family-friendly restaurant located on US 40 in Bethel Township. The casual diner opened up on Oct. 20, 2018 and is run by Diana, (DJ), Steve and Alyssa Jones. 

With consistent praise for their customer service and clean facility, the restaurant hopes to one day become the heart of the Bethel community. 

DJ worked at Procter & Gamble for 26 and a half years before nearing retirement. In order to sustain her family during her and her husband’s retirement years, she knew she would have to seek other alternatives for extra income. 

“When my daughter attended Ohio Northern University, my husband and I would always pass a dairy barn outside of Lima on the way to pick her up,” DJ said. “They were always busy and they were in a community very similar to where we’re located, in a rural setting with a school not far from where they were. So, I got to thinking, if they can do it, why can’t we do something like that for ourselves?” 

DJ’s mother was supportive of her new ambition and let her borrow three acres of land for the new business. Working in the food industry was not unfamiliar to DJ, as she had run a food truck a few years prior. However, she still needed to take classes to become a level-two certified food service handler. 

“I wanted to be able to give this community something back,” DJ said. “I was raised in Bethel, along with the rest of my family. My roots run deep here.” 

Choosing to open up the local restaurant was also a decision based on the good of the public. 

“It’s been several decades since this community has had any sort of eating establishment,” DJ said. “The ones that are close by, which aren’t very many, are just outside of our township. So, I wanted folks to feel like they had someplace that was their own. A place to hang out and spend time with family and friends.” 

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DJ’s Chill ‘n Grill has gained many loyal customers and a respectable reputation throughout the Bethel community by marketing their business through Facebook and various events held by Bethel Local Schools.

In order to encourage great customer service and maintain a friendly atmosphere, DJ likes to build close relationships with her employees, taking an interest in their lives outside of the workplace. 

“I like my employees to feel valued,” said DJ. “I don’t want them to just clock in, do their time and leave. I try to get involved in their likes and activities. I like to treat them as individuals, not just employees.” 

Currently, the local restaurant only has an outdoor dining area and a drive-thru but has plans to include indoor dining within the next few years. 

Considering the success of DJ’s Chill ‘n Grill thus far, DJ and her family are excited to see what the future of the restaurant holds. 

“I’m right where I need to be…and I hope one day my daughter, Alyssa, will be interested in taking over as well.” said DJ.

Kayleigh DaLaet

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