10-11 Digit Calls Become Mandatory in Dayton

The Dayton Skyline (Wikimedia Commons)

The 937 area code, commonly used in the city of Dayton will exhaust, or be expected to run out of possible numbers by the year’s end.

To remedy this, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has two options to solve the problem: geographic split or by adding an area code to the existing geographic area, commonly called an overlay.

Current phone numbers will retain the 937 area code, while any new numbers in Southeast Ohio will utilize an overlay, going by 326 starting on March 8.

However, beginning on Feb. 8, locals calls must include the area code, and those that don’t will not go through.

PUCO recommends citizens update any saved contacts, speed dials, business cards, personal checks and preprogrammed alarm devices, etc. to include the area code + telephone number format in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Other notes from the Commission include that long-distance calling will not change, and calls between 937 and 326 will remain local calls.

Henry Wolski
Staff Writer

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