Five of the Best Places to Study/Take a Nap at Sinclair

A look at the welcoming lobby of Building 10, complete with a snack shop and a fireplace. (Photo by Henry Wolski)

College is hard, and there are times in every student’s life when they need to take a break from the stress and tiredness it brings.

Luckily, Sinclair does have a good amount of hidden spaces one can take refuge in to quietly study or take a quick siesta. Some are easy to find and a short walk from the bridge connecting Buildings 3 and 4, while others are nestled away from the student’s eye or require a bit of walk to get to.

These are just a few of them, but feel free to explore campus and discover a new oasis of solitude.

Five: The first floor of Building 4

A look at the lobby of Building 4. (Photo by Henry Wolski)

For whatever reason, this building is usually pretty quiet. Building 4 hosts the psychology department and a few other services that were moved there during the construction in Building 10.

By hook or by crook, the lobby of this building doesn’t have the usual shuffling of feet from class to class and finding a nice corner chair promises some nice sleep.

“Building 4 is a good study spot because it is quiet and promotes focus by offering a large space for students to spread out,” Jeri Hensley, a longtime Sinclair student, said. “It is always open and inviting versus feeling dark or confining like other areas.”

Peak hours of solace are usually around 10 a.m., as well as anytime after 2 p.m.

Four: The lobby in Building 10

A nice corner of the Building 10 welcome center where few students go. (Photo by Henry Wolski)

The reconstruction of Building 10 finished last fall and with it came new architecture. There are new locations for student services like registration, FASFA help and academic advising as well as some nice spots for relaxation after acing that monstrous test (or a coffee spot to drown your sorrows from failing said test).

Most people entering are greeted by a comforting fireplace and some nice seats to sit back and chill in. On either side of the building lies some isolated spots where student ambassadors won’t strike up a conversation with you.

It’s still relatively new, but it’s not the worst place to have an afternoon nap or grab a bite at the Center Cafe.

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Three: The hidden lounge at the end of Building 12

Building 12 is home to many things at Sinclair. Several campus events and conferences happen in the Great Hall and the David H. Ponitz Center, and the upper levels contain labs and classrooms in the chemistry and geography departments. Outside of those things, however, it can be a ghost town.

But, lying at the end of the hallway on the third floor is a series of comfy chairs and a big window that gives a view of downtown.

It’s a bit of a walk depending on where you are on campus, but it’s worth it, as there are usually only one or two others occupying the space at a given time. It’s the true hidden gem on this list, and I’ve had many a good nap there.

Two: The Peace Place

The aromatherapy device used to soothe the mind of students that enter the Peace Place. (Photo by Henry Wolski)

As mentioned in an article a few weeks ago, the Peace Place is located on the fourth floor of Building 10 and offers students a relaxing spot to sit and forget about their stresses for a while.

It features a roundtable for group studying and a couch for straight-up lounging. The lights are dim, the music is soft and calming and aromatherapy fills the air as the sound of a running waterfall puts one’s mind at ease.

The Peace Place serves as a hub for the Multifaith Campus Ministry department and is a designated safe space for anyone at Sinclair. It’s my personal recommendation when needing a place to relax.

One: The Sinclair Library

One of the many corners that house a couch and chairs for dimly lit solace. (Photo by Henry Wolski)

The popular choice of most students is the library in the basement of Sinclair and for good reason. It is large and features computers to do work on, tutoring services and a Starbucks, so you can get a much-needed energy boost after taking a nap.

There are also several quiet rooms for studying or reading, and a comfortable chair is usually present in the corners of the facility.

If you’ve gone through the library more than once, you most likely have seen a student catching some rest, while their books, homework and a cup of coffee are sprawled out over the floor.

These are just a few of the spaces students can find some rest on campus, and most will have their own secret spot they use to lay low.

Feel free to let us know what yours is by emailing us or contacting us on social media!

Henry Wolski
Staff Writer

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