Upcoming Sinclair Talks to Stimulate the Mind

Chances are, as a college student, you’ve watched a TED talk before. And if you’ve watched one before, you’re aware of the insight they offer. TED talks are a common way to fill your mind with knowledge and inspiration. Sinclair offers the same enriching experience, available to all students, live at the Dayton campus. 

There is an exciting lineup of Sinclair Talks coming students’ way this fall semester. According to Tristan Chaput, the Coordinator of Student & Community Engagement, Sinclair Talks are hour-long presentations that are focused on a variety of topics including diversity and inclusion, financial literacy, Sinclair resources, current events and several other areas.

She says that presenters can be faculty, staff and students as well as members of the Greater Dayton community.

This semester, Sinclair Talks introduce a brand new format. For the first time, in addition to the hour-long presentation surrounding one topic, there will be also talks that offer two or three sessions, each 20-30 minutes long. This way, even more people have an opportunity to showcase their expertise and display new and interesting topics.

These talks are an amazing opportunity for all Sinclair students to take advantage of, regardless of their major or area of study. 

With such a diverse lineup of presentations and topics, there is something for every student, whether you want to dig deeper into a topic you already love or learn something completely new for the first time. These talks are created for students and are designed to educate, enrich minds and ignite interest in new subjects. 

This semester’s Sinclair Talks kick off with “The Power of Knowing Multiple Languages,” presented by Dr. Derek Petrey and Gwen McNeal on Sept. 11. They’ll explain the benefits of learning another language can give students and the financial implications of being an independent practitioner in the ASL field. 

If you are eager to know how to get past differences and connect with other people, don’t miss “Be Bold: Listen for Common Ground,” presented by Robert Leonard on Sept. 19. 

The following week come hear “Communicating Globally: How Knowing a Second Language Can Benefit Your Career and Relationships,” presented by Connie Zornes-Padovani, Owen Jones and Bahar Hartmann on Sept. 25.

 On Oct. 3, “Finances: Give Yourself Credit,” presented by the Financial Literacy Committee and featuring author Jackie Cummings Koski, will teach students how to start and keep good credit scores. 

The following week, learn more about how to support those around you through “National Coming Out Day,” presented by Larry Lindstrom and Professor Kara Brown and “Working with Deaf-Blind Individuals,” presented by Professor McNeal and Zach Holler on Oct. 9 and 16 respectively.

 If you’re interested in media and communication, be sure to go to “Media and Civility – What You Need to Know,” presented by Jessica Graue and AJ Owen on Nov. 6. Almost anyone can relate to the following talk on Nov. 14, which is all about managing relationships.

And of course, there’s no way you could miss one of Sinclair’s most popular events: Puppies on Campus, which is also part of the Sinclair Talks program. Come over on Dec. 10 and 11 for the perfect way to de-stress during finals.

These talks provide students with opportunities to enrich their college experience by opening them up to new ideas from a team of professionals. Some professors even offer extra credit to students who  attend some Sinclair Talks.

Mackenzie Tkach

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