All Childish Things Review: A Second Opinion

Sinclair Theatre presented “All Childish Things” which ran April 5-13, 2019.

The show was directed by Nelson Sheeley and starred Anthony Dell’Aria, Micah Koverman, Vincent Klosterman, Joseph Herzog, Rachel Charles, Chase Niemitaio and Christopher Geetz.

“All Childish Things” follows the story of Dave (Dell’Aria, Koverman), Max (Klosterman), Carter (Herzog) and Kendra (Charles) who have planned to raid a toy storeroom of a bundle of costly “Star Wars” collectibles.

The production overall is a light-hearted comedy showing love to the “Star Wars” franchise and its fans.

Actors Dell’Aria, Koverman, Klosterman and Herzog give us an insight into how friendships develop and grow over time changing from childish passions to adult responsibilities.

Klosterman and Herzog in particular both played their roles in a manner allowing the audience into the desires of the characters and what they want out of life and how this heist can help them achieve just that.

However, the plan relies on old allegiances that have weakened with the passage of time.

Dave, played by both Dell’Aria and his understudy Koverman provide depth to their character as more than just the stereotypical mocked nerd in cliché films by bringing the audience into the dynamic relationships and needs of the group as a whole and the complexities of the relationships therein.

Kendra, played by Rachel Charles brings a serious tone to the “all boys” club with an all too familiar significance that most females who have found themselves unwillingly locked into a sometimes patriarchal nerd culture can relate with.

There is added disdain for her character as she seems scornful of the “Star Wars” series and commits the sin of sins referring to the intergalactic saga as Star Trek.

Some sections of the drama do drag on with play-by-play accounts of past experiences of the characters meant to pull you into who they used to be as friends.

This tactic although important, does have a tendency to lag the overall flow of the presentation causing one to zone out for a time.

The second act begins with the plan they have devoted themselves to beginning to unravel as the friends are met with new characters that shake up the cast.

Kendra’s connection “Big Man” played by Niemitaio brings with him a dynamic relationship that shifts the direction of the overall show and uplifts what would otherwise be a very static plot.

Niemitaio is a witty actor for the stage. Whether slurping noodles or ‘fan-boying’ like a child over action figures Niemitaio brings to life a flashy and over the top character.

My one complaint is the text itself. The writer Joseph Zettelmaier in some areas tries a little too hard at forcefully inserting references to “Star Wars” that become slightly forced and unnatural at points.

This same point, however, will keep fans of the franchise locked in and laughing for the duration of the show.

While “All Childish Things” in and of itself is not a performance I would go out of my way to see again the cast and crew brought to life a wonderful rendition of what could have been a very one-dimensional and dull performance.

James Novotny
Staff Writer

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