Sinclair Hosts 2019 Black Love Day Ceremony

   The African Studies Department and Diversity office presented a commemoration of love on Feb. 13, 2019.

   Sinclair Community College hosted its fifth annual Black Love Day celebration in building 8. This event’s purpose was to be a commemoration of African American romance.

   This observance of love can be dated back to the 90s where it first became apparent that African Americans and all those in the diaspora needed a love day all to themselves.

   Although few know about this holiday, writes “It is an observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and a 24 hours demonstration of Black Love, showing 5 Tenets (specific acts)… People of African Descent show love for 24 hours.”

   This year’s Black Love Day celebration started with a song performed by one of Sinclair’s own psychology professors, Taylor Curtis.

   It continued with encouragement from Dr. Cleavon Matthews, Minister of Bold Believers Church of Christ, regarding the love we share between all people.

   While Dr. Matthews was speaking you could feel the energy and excitement in the room because of his electric and inviting words.

   His speech touched base on love, love within our race and challenged us to pursue love going forward.

   Afterward, Dr. Yvette Williams, CEO of Muevelo Cares Inc., vocalist and author, gave a spoken word performance on the importance of self love.

   In addition, she highlighted the importance of loving yourself in your own skin especially in regard to African American women and those in the diaspora.

   After a brief intermission, Sinclair students participated in their Talent Show which was open to the public. The talent portion of the show included acts ranging from poetry, beatboxing, rap, singing and dance.

   This talent started with soulful singing, mixed with passionate words, and upbeat motions that turned into a combination of talents from around the community that made everyone feel welcome in the space they were in.

   In addition to the talent, there were a number of community vendors present to show their support for Black Love Day. These vendors included the African American Culture Club, African American Male Initiative, and Five Rivers MetroParks.

   If anyone is interested in joining these clubs/events you can go on the Sinclair website to find out more information.

   These vendors not only provided funding for the event but made the atmosphere inviting for every race. The most important factor from this event is the fact that every race wants to feel included in this overbearing society we live in.

   This event, among many others at Sinclair, strives to provide a safe space for the faculty and students.

   Although one may not think this is necessary, it’s vital in understanding another person’s culture and gives someone from another cultural background something to look forward to.

   Black Love Day is critical in understanding African Americans’ heritage, love for one another, love for others and love for themselves. This event was multifaceted regarding the entertainment, vendors, food and information about Black Love.

   Black Love Day will always be something to think about regarding love, even as we move past the month of February.

Gabrielle Turner
Social Media Coordinator

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