Baker’s Beat: Eye on Art: David Scott

   Dayton, Ohio has always been home to many famous artists. Bing Davis, Paul Laurence Dunbar and Michael Bashaw are just a few of them. 

   This area has always cultivated and encouraged those who have an artistic craft to flourish and strengthen their calling of the arts.
It has not diminished over the generations and that is shown clearly in David Scott.

   I had the pleasure of viewing Scott’s work at Third Perk Coffeehouse and & Wine Bar one Saturday afternoon, and I knew that I had to know more about this incredible artist.

   David Scott is a 24-year-old artist that has been born and raised in Trotwood his whole life. He now resides in Dayton, and the easiest way to sum up his work in one word: colorific. 

   Scott has been drawing his whole life. To him, art is his calling. It is not a choice whether he gets up in the morning to paint or draw. He must get up in the morning and create because it is an essential need for him like drawing breath is to us.

   Scott’s artistic vision he is giving the world is based on color theory and nerd/pop culture.

   He creates scenes or images from pop culture movies, tv shows and visions from his own mind but presents them with an afro-centric flair and a colorful energy. One can’t do anything but stop and admire the creations that Scott has laid before you.

   All this is done in an effort to lift people’s minds and spirits, and inspire them to create from happiness and passion in a time where it seems that sorrow, depression and hatred are around every corner.

   Scott is currently trying to grow not only as an artist but also as an entrepreneur. He has two business, the first being a clothing line called The Epitome of Dope or T.E.D. His other venture is a graphic design company named Immaculate Conceptions.

   In the future, Scott will venture into working with different artistic styles, techniques and materials to bring his creations alive in a whole new way. Variety will only make him better at his craft. He is doing this in an effort to get his painting to the masses at large.

   Presently his incredible artwork is featured at Third Perk (located on 46, W 5th St.). There his latest and best art portrait can be seen and purchased, called “Delorean.”

   It displays a frontward view of the famous time machine from the movie “Back To The Future” but with a twist. Standing in front of the Delorean is an African American version of Marty McFly.

   Scott will be at an upcoming event called Art Crawl on Sunday, Nov. 4. It is not just an art showcase but a performing arts festival. Stop in if you can and see the rise of Scott and other future great Ohio artists.

Justin A. Baker
Staff Writer

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