WWE Super Showdown Review

   WWE traveled to the “Land Down Under” for the much-anticipated event, WWE Super Showdown. Super Showdown is the first WWE event of this magnitude in Australia in 16 years.  Super Showdown was live at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds with the scene like WrestleMania.

The Bar v. The New Day: SmackDown Tag Team Championships 4/5

   In a fantastic match to kick off Super Showdown, The Bar looked to continue their momentum over The New Day from recent weeks and leave as Tag Team Champions. Each team gave every ounce of their being, but The New Day had just enough to pick up the victory and leave Australia as still the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

   Who will be the next team to step up to the New Day and try to dethrone them as the kings of the SmackDown Tag Team Division?

Charlotte v. Becky Lynch: SmackDown Women’s Championship 3.75/5

   Staying with the Blue Brand, next is the feud the wrestling world continues to talk about. Once best friends turned bitter enemies, Becky Lynch for the first time defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte.

   Best friends make the best enemies because these two put on a fantastic match. Both of them know how important it is to be the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

   Charlotte looked to be closing in on regaining the champions when she locked in the Figure 8. However, Becky was able to use the SmackDown Women’s Championship and whip Charlotte causing a disqualification. Becky, even though she lost, is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion. The new attitude of Becky Lynch shows how much she is willing to do to keep her Championship.

   Where does this result lead these two for the future?

Elias & Kevin Owens v. Bobby Lashley & John Cena 3.5/5

   We now turn the attention to the Raw Brand. Elias & Kevin Owens for weeks have tried to get under the skin of Bobby Lashley. However, this time, Bobby was not alone. He has a partner by the name of the 16 time World Champion, John Cena. John Cena sporting a new look, makes his return for this landmark event in Australia.

   The match was a good match between these two teams. However, it was Bobby Lashley and John Cena that was able to capitalize and pick up the win. John Cena exhibited a new that is added to his, repertoire the self-proclaimed “Sixth Move of Doom.” I personally am not a fan of the move; however, who am I to judge?

The IIconics v. Naomi & Asuka 2.5/5

   The IIconics return home to Australia to take on the upcoming team of Asuka & Naomi. In a quick match, The IIconics were able to make it a triumphant homecoming as they were able to pick up the win.

Samoa Joe v. AJ Styles (No Disqualification): WWE Championship 4/5

   Personal is an understatement regarding these two stars of SmackDown. AJ has vowed to bury Samoa Joe in Australia, did he live up to his word?

   These two tore the house down for the name of the WWE Championship. These two beat each other with everything the could get their hands on. It was AJ Styles to finally beat Samoa Joe once and for all and retain the WWE Championship.

   AJ is now able to put Samoa Joe in the rearview mirror and move on to his next challenge. He will get to know because later in the show, The Miz and Daniel Bryan will decide who will face AJ Styles at WWE Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship.

The Riott Squad v. The Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey 3.5/5

   It is now time for Australia to get rowdy. The Riott Squad for weeks have been trying to prove they belong on top of Raw, but there is only one on top and that is the Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey.

   In a competitive match, Ronda Rousey was able to show why she is on top of Monday Night Raw. She is not the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” for no reason. Ronda was able to lock in an impressive double armbar on Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan for the win. Ronda makes yet another statement that, whoever wants to get on top of the throne, has to get through her.

Buddy Murphy v. Cedric Alexander: Cruiserweight Championship 4.75/5

   It is always great to get the stars of 205 Live involved with the competitors of Raw & SmackDown. Cedric has held on and pushed 205 Live to new heights since winning the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania earlier this year. However, he has to defend it in enemy territory as Buddy Murphy has the home-field advantage, returning to Melbourne for the biggest opportunity of his career.

   Hands down, this was the match of the night. Each of these two young stars stole the show. Each knows how important it is to be a champion anywhere. Cedric always the resilient one, did everything he could do to retain the Cruiserweight Championship. However, it was not enough as Buddy Murphy was able to use the energy of over 70 thousand people of his hometown crowd to win the Cruiserweight Championship.

   Hats off to the Aussie, Buddy Murphy for realizing a dream of not only wrestling in front of his hometown crowd, but to win a championship in front of his hometown crowd.

The Shield v. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre 3.5/5

   For weeks, there seemed to be dissension within The Shield of where their focus lies. Were The Shield able to stick together in arms and bring justice to the Dogs of War?

   The collision between by these two behemoth teams lead to a war. These two beat each other with every ounce of strength in their body. From spearing people through barricades and sacrificing everything, The Shield was able to stick together and show why The Shield sticks together.  The Shield was able to pick up the win and leave Australia stronger than ever.

Daniel Bryan v. The Miz: Winner Receives WWE Championship Match 2.75/5

   The longest feud on SmackDown, these two seem to end it in Australia. In a shockingly quick match, Daniel Bryan was able to roll up The Miz for the win. No kidding, if you blinked, you missed it. Daniel is now going to Saudi Arabia for the dream match against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Can Daniel finally cap off his return and win the WWE Championship?

The Undertaker v. Triple H: Last Time Ever 4.5/5

   For the past few months, two of the greatest that have ever stepped into a wrestling ring step into the ring one last time as opponents. This rivalry has a storied history and looks to write its last chapter. This time around, each has made this personal. Triple H will have his best friend, Shawn Michaels, in his corner. While The Undertaker will have his brother of destruction, Kane, in his corner. Before the match, Triple H used his power to make this match into a No Disqualification match.

   The two legends destroyed each other. Going through the crowd and wrestling all over ringside. These two showed why they are two of the greatest in history. Ringside became key in this match with the constant interference of Shawn Michaels played a role in deciding the finish. Undertaker seemed to be closing in on the victory until Shawn hit Undertaker with a duo of Sweet Chin Music leading into a Pedigree by Triple H for the win.

   Triple H was finally able to beat The Undertaker for the first time in his career. After the match, the four men stood side by side, seeming to end this historic rivalry. Until Kane & The Undertaker attacked and laid out Triple H & Shawn Michaels. The issues between these four men have not been settled yet. What is next for these legends?


   Super Showdown was a fun show. The crowd was enormous and electric in Melbourne. Legends wrestling in the Main Event was a plus. Also, feuds seemed to end leading to fresh material for the next few weeks. All in all, Melbourne saw a great show and we need more pay per view events overseas.

David Jacobus
Contributing Writer

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