WWE Smackdown Review: 9/11/18

   WWE was live in Lafayette, Louisiana for SmackDown Live. With Hell in a Cell drawing near, who will get in their last shot in before rivals clash Sunday?

   Before I begin the review of SmackDown, let us take a moment to remember the thousands of innocent lives that were taken away by an act of terrorism and fear 17 years ago today. If anyone reading this has been affected by the actions of that day, my thoughts, prayers and condolences are with you and your family.

   SmackDown kicks off with Jeff Hardy. This Sunday, Hardy will enter Hell in a Cell for the first time in his career against Randy Orton. He declares both Randy and himself will both be dragged into Hell. However, he will be the only one standing leaving the Cell.

Shinsuke Nakamura v. Jeff Hardy

   In just 6 days, Jeff Hardy will enter Hell. Knowing that, he has to limit the amount of damage he takes. Against the King of Strong Style, The United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura that will not be the case.

   In a renewal of their rivalry, these two put on one heck of a match. Each gave everything in their arsenal to try to pick up the win. Jeff Hardy seemed to be closing on the win until Randy Orton attacked him from behind. Randy would then maliciously attack him with a steel chair. Randy seemed to be poised to attack him with an RKO, until Jeff turned the tables and attack Randy with that same steel chair. He would then hit the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.

   Both men will enter Hell in a Cell Sunday, but who will be able to walk out on their own well being?

AJ Styles Discusses His Recent Actions

   AJ Styles has let Samoa Joe get under his skin so much that AJ has lost focus of who he truly is. AJ has lost his temper after the multiple times that Samoa Joe has brought AJ’s family into their business. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were once great friends, but to Samoa Joe the WWE Championship and destroying the house that AJ Styles built is the most important goal on his mind.

Charlotte Flair v. Sonya Deville

   Before her encounter with Becky Lynch on Sunday, Charlotte is out to prove she is a fighting champion. She demanded General Manager Paige to give her competition and Paige complied with Sonya Deville.

   Sonya put on a heck of a showing in this match, but the veteran Charlotte Flair was able to outweigh the younger Sonya for the win. After the match, Charlotte began to celebrate with the crowd until a member of the WWE Universe attacked Charlotte. That member being Becky Lynch.

   The statement is clear that Becky has one goal in mind and that is to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The saying goes, best friends are better enemies.

Samoa Joe’s Bedtime Story

   To make matters even worse, Samoa Joe has created a bedtime story to tell to the Styles family. The story told their rivalry with the nightmarish details. As the story progressed, Samoa Joe continued to drive and twist the knife into their boiling rivalry. Samoa Joe stated the story will end Sunday at Hell in a Cell, with Samoa Joe not only as the new WWE Champion, but as the new daddy of the House that AJ Styles built.

   The two will destroy each other, but will the House that AJ Styles built still be standing, or will the era of Samoa Joe officially begin?

The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) v. Rusev Day (Aiden English & Rusev): #1 Contenders Match

   The finals of this tag team tournament have arrived. The Bar and Rusev Day both won their respective triple threat matches to get to this moment. The winner faces The New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

   In a really competitive match, these two teams knew what was at stake. One mistake was all it took as The Bar had a miscommunication which led to Rusev hitting the Machka kick on Sheamus for the win. Rusev Day will head to Hell in a Cell against The New Day for The SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

   Will Sunday be the ultimate Rusev Day or will it be a New Day?

Andrade “Cien” Almas v. R-Truth

   The new pairing of R-Truth and Carmella has done magic for R-Truth as he main evented last week on SmackDown and won. The two look to continue the magic in the upcoming Mixed Matched Challenge. However, they have to fight the fast-rising star of Andrade “Cien” Almas.

   The pairing of Truth and Carmella turned out to backfire. Zelina tried to distract Truth, but when Carmella intervened, Andrade was able to roll up Truth for the win.

Brie Bella v. Maryse

   This Sunday, these two will be squaring off with their husbands against each other. However, they are opponents at this moment to try to get the last one up on their opponents.

   Earlier in the night, Maryse called out Daniel because it took him three years to get back in the ring. While it took Maryse less than five months to get back in the ring after having a baby.

   This is Maryse’s first match on SmackDown in over seven years. Will she have any ring rust?

   The match, if you want to call it that, was pretty short with little amount of physicality.  Maryse and Miz attempted to walk away from the match but Brie brought Maryse back in and locked her in a Yes Lock. Before Maryse could tap, Miz dragged Brie out of the ring, hitting the ring floor hard.

   After the match, the two teams slugged it out concluding with Brie and Daniel standing tall. But, will they after Sunday?


   It was not a bad go home show to Hell in a Cell. I was not expecting tons of new story details but the stories heading towards Sunday are compelling. Should be an exciting Hell in a Cell.

David Jacobus
Contributing Writer

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