Upon Further Review: Let’s Talk About Trump

   President Trump has stayed very vocal since his election, using his Twitter and rallies as an opportunity to keep the American people informed, recently holding a rally in Lewis Center, Ohio. He came supporting Senator Troy Balderson, who Trump is pushing to be voted to fill a vacant House seat.

   Nearly 3,000 people came for the event at Olentangy Orange High School, where Trump talked on lots of topics, including his having won Ohio for the election back in 2016. The crowd was big on cheers, going back to time on the campaign trail with chants “build that wall”.

   Trump also pushed his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and noted to his crowd that he wants Supreme Court justices with “the highest test scores”.

   He will need a lot of support though from the Republicans in the Senate and obviously what he can of Senate Democrats, to get Kavanaugh voted in. He made sure to include that Democrats compare him to the “greats,” a comment he seemed to be using as reassurance he could get the Democratic votes.

   He talked on his supporters, spending a bit of extra time mentioning all the “Women for Trump” posters. He mentions how unemployment rates are low for those without a high school diploma, African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. This is definitely movement in a forward direction, but we still have a long way to go.

   While his rallies and Twitter posts may seem a bit too much to many Americans, I urge you to think about the positives to his vocalization, regardless of your political affiliation.

   Through his consistent communication with the American people, his rallies and overwhelming social media posts are an opportunity for us to first, see what direction Trump is moving in, next, vocalize our concerns on a public outlet and lastly, hold him accountable for the things he says.

   Many officials could benefit from using social media and talking more openly with their constituents. Through their use of media, we can see their character come through, which is a big factor for many voters, making it a big campaign tool that is often discontinued after an election.

   Go through and watch a few Trump Rallies, or read some Twitter posts your government officials are making and evaluate what they are saying. This little bit of commentary they give can help you better understand what changes may be coming to your community or help keep you in the know about concerns you have for the future.

   This is our duty as citizens, to stay informed about what is happening in our government. We have a direct line to our government officials, why not use it to instill positive change?

Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Staff Writer

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