Dwyn’s Den: The Summer Music in Dayton

   Summer is a time for a variety of entertaining events, holidays, festivals and concerts. Including some great concerts and music festivals in the Dayton area.

   The Cold War Kids will be at Newport Music Hall in Columbus on June 13, The Monkees will be at Rose Music Center in Dayton on June 15, as well as Walk the Moon at EXPRESS LIVE! In Columbus on the same date.

   That’s just a few, other big names coming to the area this summer include Imagine Dragons, ZZ Top, Sam Smith, Awolnation, Sir Sly, the Neighborhood, Plain White T’s, Bishop Briggs, Pitbull and Taylor Swift.

   Dayton may not have a whole lot of music venues itself, but we have a few such the Nutter center, Rose Music Center and the Fraze Pavilion. Luckily for us, both Cincinnati and Columbus are home to some amazing music venues that big names do perform at.

   Some of the most popular in Cincinnati are Bogarts and Riverbend. And Columbus has several including the Newport Music Hall.

SS_Venue_and_Crowd   I remember my first concert in Columbus when I was 12, I went with my step mom to see P!nk on her “Truth About Love” tour. I remember thinking it was probably one of the coolest things I’d ever gotten to do.

   We were pretty far back, so I could barely see the stage, but I loved how the whole audience basically bonded instantly. That’s what it felt like to 12-year-old me at least.

   As a kid I remember always singing along with P!ink’s songs on the radio with my step mom, and hearing the whole audience singing with us was great.

   I’ve been to quite a few concerts since, only a few of them big name artists, but found them just as fun. I think even if they aren’t your favorite artist, the experience of just being at a concert is worth it.

   I’ve been to festivals and listened to bands I’ve never even heard much before, and found the experience just as fun. It’s something about the atmosphere, and the fact that everyone is there for the same reason: music.

Sommernachtskonzert Schönbrunn 2012

   There are also several festivals happening in the area, such as Celtic Fest Ohio at the renaissance fairgrounds, Springfest on July 7 in Yellow Springs, Dayton Blues festival at Riverscape on July 15, and the Miami Valley Music Festival on July 20.

   Some of the best Music festivals, such as Bunbury in Cincinnati and Somerfest in Columbus, have already happened this year. But if you get a chance I highly recommend buying tickets for next year.

   Festivals are great ways to get the concert experience without committing to one artist when they might not be your favorite. I’ll use Bunbury as an example, you pay one cover charge to get in and you get to see several bands and artists perform. Plus there is tons of food and merch for sale, and a lot of lawn space for picnics.

   When I went a couple years ago I saw The Killers, X Ambassadors, the Wombats and several other smaller time bands all in one place. While the tickets are pricey, I think they’re worth it.

   All and all, concerts and festivals can be a great experience, and a perfect way to spend a day during the summer.

Cerridwyn Kuykendall
Managing Editor

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