The Choral Music Association (CMA) is a Sinclair College student club looking to help expand students’ perspective regarding diversity and inclusion by sponsoring the Stronger Together event held on Tuesday, April 10.

   The event will take place from 2-4 p.m. in Charity E. Early Auditorium in building 12. CMA is collaborating with several other campus student clubs like BriTe SiGnaL Alliance and the Communications Club to host the event.

   Michael Carter, Sinclair’s Chief Diversity Officer, is also hosting the event which will be open to the entire Sinclair student body, faculty, staff and members of the Dayton community.  

   The featured speaker will be Renate Frydman, a Holocaust survivor, who will discuss her personal experience in conjunction with diversity.  
21 Sinclair faculty members have volunteered to serve as Small Group Discussion Facilitators to encourage individuals to examine their own personal ways that they are perhaps different, to help students to talk together, and positively relate with others.

   The goal of “Stronger Together” is to: 1) create an environment where students feel safer in our Sinclair community and encourage students’ involvement in creating that safer environment, 2) explore and discuss important diversity issues from all walks of life, and 3) provide eye-opening experiences for those in attendance.

   There will be hands-on activities where divergent students can network, relate to one another, and challenge themselves as growing citizens in our modern society.

   In addition to the discussions, the Sinclair Chorale will be performing pieces to inspire those in attendance. Food and refreshments will also be provided.

Henry Wolski
Executive Editor



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