Clarion Introductions: Managing Editor

   Hey everybody! This is Daniel Riley, the new Managing Editor here at the Clarion. This is my third semester at Sinclair, and I’m in the Multimedia Journalism program.

   I started as a reporter/photographer for the paper last semester, which is also when I switched my major to journalism. Originally I was going for psychology, until my English teacher told me I should switch.

   I’ve been writing for many years, mostly fiction short stories focused on either magic or superheroes. Photography became a passion of mine more than eight years ago while I was in the army. It only makes sense to go into a career where I can do both.

   My ultimate goal is to become a war correspondent, getting embedded with different units deployed overseas. I hope to be able to tell the stories of soldiers that most people wouldn’t know otherwise.

  While working for the Clarion I hope to bring important information and entertainment to the students and faculty. Good luck this semester!

Daniel Riley
Managing Editor

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