Pokemon Returns

“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be released on Nov. 17, 2017. This is the second set of paired games in Generation VII. As opposed to being sequel games or simply improved versions of the original, these games feature an alternate storyline with brand new Pokemon.

Some new features that were revealed include new forms for certain Pokemon, new Z-Moves, and at least three new Ultra Beasts – Assembly, Burst and Adhesive – that will appear between the games.

Adding to this is the function to travel through the Ultra Wormhole. By doing this, you’re able to battle with the Ultra Beasts on their own home turf, something that you could only do at one specific point in the originals.

Alongside that is the addition of Ultra Megalopolis. The trailer showing this city is

referred to as “A World Where Necrozma Has Stolen the Light.” Within the city is a new set of characters grouped together and called “The Ultra Recon Squad.” Four members are shown and with how the trailer sets it up, it looks like the members that appear will depend on which version you purchase. If you choose “Ultra Sun”, the characters Dulse and Zossie will appear. For “Ultra Moon”, the player will see Phyco and Soliera.

The developers have added more content to create a new experience for players, while keeping the base mechanics of the originals intact. The player fills the role of a new trainer that has come to the Alola region once more and will be accompanied by new friends and enemies that will be familiar.

In terms of predecessors, these new titles have quite a title to either match or outdo in terms of performance. “Pokemon X and Y” are currently the reigning champions in terms of sales for a Nintendo 3DS game at 16.15 million copies sold. The original “Pokemon Sun and Moon” followed close behind with sales reaching 15.67 million copies by June 2017, over 6 months after its original release.

Not only will these new releases have to go for tremendous sales, but also high marks in terms of gameplay, visuals, and several other categories. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” received favorable reviews overall ranging from people speaking on how they enjoy the new features to how the new trial system breathed some fresh air into the franchise.

Nintendo Life has claimed these are the best Pokemon games to date while Chris Tapsell of Eurogamer referred to them as “the best generation in more than a decade.” The same website said ranked them as “essential” games for Pokemon veterans and new players to the franchise.

“Pokemon X and Y” ended up left in the dust following Generation VII’s kick-off with scores that were high, but not as much as the newest addition to the series.

Fans are hoping this new release will provide the fun that the original “Pokemon Sun and Moon” delivered to them. Towards a new adventure with our companions, we say: Alola!

Erika Brandenburg


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