RTA to allow CCW

Effective immediately, citizens may open carry at hubs like Wright Stop Plaza, a small walk from Sinclair’s Dayton campus. The decision to change their policy brings RTA in alignment with state laws on municipal weapons.

Open carry law allows for the carrying of weapons at RTA hubs, but not on board RTA buses. However, customers that are legally concealed carry licensed may bring their concealed carry on board.

The RTA faced pressure from pro-second amendment groups for their policy being in conflict with state law. The RTA buildings will remain free of any weapons as they are government buildings. The discretion to permit weapons in government buildings is up to the organization.

In March, Ohio companies could no longer prevent customers from legally having a concealed carry. Transit authorities across the country have faced similar battles.

Sinclair’s Board of Trustees has yet to release a decision on whether to permit guns on campus, an issue that was first brought to their attention last semester.

Students who rely on the RTA will have additional options for Summer Semester. While the average one-way trip will run students $1.75 with a transfer, or a monthly $55 chunk of change, the RTA has summer specials running through the entire semester.

The RTA currently offers summer discounts on a variety of ticket types. Day passes are currently $4 and weekly passes are $14. The discounted rates will end September 4.

Students, including those that do not drive or use the garage, pay $85 a semester for the parking garage. This is a fee increase, up from $50 the previous semesters.

The RTA underwent a strike that impacted students and community members at the beginning of the 2017 Spring Semester. The union strike was over health care and wages. The strike was resolved by the first Friday of the semester.

In May, the RTA received an award from the American Public Transit Association for its “See Something, Say Something, Do Something” campaign. The campaign accomplished a 35 percent reduction in incidences of vandalism.

Barton Kleen
Executive Editor

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