Springer speaks to the Clarion about voting, Democratic party

Jerry Springer spoke to the Clarion about the upcoming Presidential Election and the importance of early voting. (MCT)

Although Jerry Springer was ultimately unable to come and speak at Sinclair, the Clarion did have the chance to conduct a phone interview with the television presenter about a variety of subjects, ranging from his involvement with the Obama campaign to his views regarding student engagement and political involvement.

Springer said that several of the issues of concern this election are those that directly affect young people, such as the topics of healthcare, college financial aid and even war and peace.

“You’re the ones that are going to be inheriting this country and the world,” said Springer. “And the decisions that are made, particularly in this election which, probably more so than any election in my lifetime, will in a very large part determine what kind of country we have.”

Springer also spoke of the importance of early voting and discussed national and Ohio voter suppression.

“Since voting is so important, I think if you can do early voting, you should do it — because it’s just going to make it easier for you,” said Springer. “In other words, why wait until the last moment? And then all of a sudden something comes up on Election Day, and you can’t do it. So, get it out of the way now. The polls are open. Let’s go and vote now. If you profess to love America, there is no excuse that you can’t take 15 minutes a year to take the time and go and vote.”

Before the debut of “The Jerry Springer Show” in 1991, Springer was elected to the Cincinnati City Council and served one year as mayor of Cincinnati, and although a return to politics isn’t on his radar, he said his current work affords him the availability, as a citizen, to be engaged in politics for the causes he believes in.

“I have let NBCUniversal know that I will be stopping the show when I’m 104,” said Springer. “It’s fun. It gives me time to go out and do things that I really care about.”

The rationale behind the meeting of outside speakers and Sinclair runs parallel with the objectives of The Democracy Commitment, a project Sinclair joined earlier this year. Tom Roberts, adviser for the Student Government Association at Sinclair,  described the project as one that promotes civic engagement and encourages community colleges to help their student understand democracy, civic roles and responsibilities and encourages activities that will help students understand those roles.



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