Women’s softball program to return to Sinclair Athletics after a 21-year absence

After removing the sport from intercollegiate competition in 1991, Sinclair has announced that women’s softball will return to Sinclair for the 2012-2013 academic year.
The sport returns after a 21-year absence during which part-time faculty member and former Athletic Director Norma Dycus said a demand from the community for fast pitch softball was lacking.
“Right now, there is a tremendous difference between then and now,” Dycus said.
Dycus said that the transition for Sinclair to jump into competition should be seamless, with traditional Ohio Community College Athletic Association opponents Lakeland, Cuyahoga and Owens Community Colleges already participating in conference competition.
The program will offer athletic scholarships to players that are eligible, Dycus said. Requirements for eligibility to play for Sinclair include for the student to be full-time, with two years of athletic eligibility. Age, however, is not a restriction as Dycus said that she once had a player that was in her 40s when she played during the 1984 season.
Sinclair’s Athletic Department is working on advertising around Sinclair to raise awareness for students who are interested in playing.
“You can continue what you loved to do in high school,” Dycus said. “And you can do that close to home. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s affordable with the opportunity that you might earn an athletic scholarship.”
The organization of the sport is in the initial forming stages as Sinclair’s Athletic Department is searching for a head coach, said Athletic Director Jack Giambrone.
And although Dycus was the head coach of the team for nine seasons, she said that she isn’t thinking of coming out of retirement.
“There’s no way I could,” Dycus said. “I’m not going to be involved with the team once everything is up and running. I’m very happy being what I like to call, ‘semi-retired.’ I love the flexibility I have, and I love Sinclair. I’m just thrilled the program is back, and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to help launch it.”
She said that ideally the program would have a coach by the third week of May, but interested coaches should act sooner rather than later.
Candidates who are interested in the position must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of coaching experience. Interested parties can submit their coaching resume to norma.dycus@sinclair.edu or call Kyle Stone at 512-2860. The deadline for submission is April 26.
Players who are interested in finding out more about the program can visit the athletic office inside Building 8 Room 023 atSinclair’s main campus or call Stone.

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