Sinclair continues classes during salvage yard fire

A fire at a salvage yard has not stopped classes at Sinclair Community College, according to Natasha Baker, director of college relations.

“Why wouldn’t classes continue?” Baker said.

Sinclair is recommending that students access buildings through the internal walkways running through most of the campus.  Baker said buildings that do not have an internal walkway have parking lots or garages close by that will reduce student exposure to any smoke from the fire.

The fire at Franklin Iron and Metal on First Street has caused Dayton Fire officials to advise people to stay inside if they are within a two-mile radius of the blaze. However, Baker said both the city and the county have stressed that there is not yet a major cause for concern.

“Until there’s a reason or a concern for us, we feel it’s okay for us to continue with business as usual,” she said.

The 10:40 a.m. statement from the City of Dayton can be found below:

Salvage Yard Fire Update
10:40 a.m.

As a result of a fire at salvage yard at 2015 E. First Street near downtown Dayton, Dayton Fire officials are advising residents and workers to remain indoors until more information in known about the toxicity of the smoke.

Officials from the Dayton Fire Department, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Montgomery County Emergency Management Authority (EMA), and Public Health of Dayton and Montgomery County are currently on the scene. An analysis of the smoke by the EPA and the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) is expected shortly. Until that analysis is completed, Fire officials have issued a “shelter in place” advisory as a precautionary measure. Residents and businesses in the area are advised to keep their windows closed. The advisory affects people within an approximately two-mile radius of the fire.

The fire is located at the Franklin Iron and Metal salvage yard at 2015 E. First Street. The origin of the fire is undetermined at this time. It is fueled by metal and other debris stored in the salvage facility. The Dayton Fire Department has seven engine companies, two truck companies and its regional HAZ-MAT unit on the scene. First Street between Findley and Keowee Streets is closed to traffic at this time.

The Montgomery County EMA has activated its Rumor Control Hotline at 225-6217 to answer additional questions from the public.

Additional information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

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