Students win Crime Stoppers award

Nicholas Toscani (right) stands with Police Chief Charles Gift at the Miami Valley Crime Stoppers awards.During the day, Nicholas Toscani suits up as an average Sinclair Community College student. When classes finish, Toscani puts on a different uniform.

“It’s weird because people always look at me and say I look familiar,” Toscani said.

Since September 2008, Toscani has been an officer for the Sinclair Police Department. On Jan. 12, the Miami Valley Crime Stoppers awarded Toscani the 2009 Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Award.

Chief Charles Gift, Sinclair’s director of Public Safety, was in attendance during the ceremony.

“I congratulated (Toscani) on doing a fine job and representing Sinclair very positively,” Gift said. “He has a strong moral character and is very ethical.”

Also nominated for the award were Sinclair Police Officers Thomas Hupp and Michael Beane, who finished second and third, respectively.

Toscani was awarded based on his off-duty performance during an incident on Dec. 20, 2008.

“I was headed toward the mall to get Christmas gifts,” he said, “and as I looked over I noticed a Beavercreek officer had a car pulled over.

“I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew something was wrong.”

Toscani said he pulled to the side of the road and offered assistance to the officer. The incident involved an elderly man who was having a heart attack.

“We started CPR until the medics got there and they got him breathing,” Toscani said. The man passed away the next day, according to Toscani.

Two Sinclair students received awards at the ceremony, as well. Marion Melton and Jesse McPherson, both Emergency Medical Services students at Sinclair, were awarded for their performance on Nov. 3 at the Tartan Marketplace. After an Aramark employee collapsed due to an apparent heart attack, Melton and McPherson rushed to aid the employee until the Dayton Fire Department responded.

Toscani graduated from the Sinclair Police Academy in June 2007. He said the skills learned in the academy were put to good use right away.

“It’s one of the most well-respected academies in Ohio,” Toscani said. “It’s ran by real well respected and experienced people, so I think the training we get down here at Sinclair is top-notch.

“Everything I’ve learned in the academy I’ve used.”

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