Reverend Janglebones’ Soapbox: High Morel Fiber

Each and every Spring a wave begins in the southernmost points of Appalachia. A wave of the most sought after fungi on the east coast; the Morel.

Several waves of these spongey delicacies, one for each of the different species of Morel, or Morcella, begin in the south and make their way up through the midwest bringing every fungi fanatic out of their barns, caves, suburban gated communities, and inner city abodes, to the green hills of this beautiful State of Ohio.

Usually with a stick in hand, used for gently lifting dead leaves to peer beneath them in hopes of finding treasure, these avid hunters wait all year for this incredibly small window of only a few weeks in which they fight briar and brush, terrain, and occasionally landowners for just the chance of finding a patch of these fabled and favored legends of flavor.

Morel Mushroom (LadyDragonflyCC / Flickr)

So just what makes these little guys so special? The ravenous hunt for non moving targets is not for everybody, but there is an undeniable magic in the moment when you realize you’ve been staring a patch of 15 or 20 Morels right in the face for ten minutes and complaining that you never have any luck.

The taste of mushrooms is also not for everybody. Although, I’d wager if you had a plate of these bad boys rolled in flour, deep fried in peanut oil, and generously decorated with sea salt and a freshly ground peppercorn medley, you just may rethink your feels on mushrooms. If still you doubt me, $30-$60 per lb when in season speaks for itself.

A Morel Mushroom hunting video (Fish Fray / YouTube)

In any case, this pastime is something of a tradition wherever they grow and their subculture is something special to behold. Enjoy them while you can, folks!

Brian Yoder

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