WWE Smackdown Review 2/12/19

   SmackDown was live this past Tuesday in Toledo, Ohio. Breaking news shook the WWE Universe on Raw when Becky Lynch was suspended for 60 days, making her miss WrestleMania. Fans around the world were further shocked when it was announced by Vince Mcmahon that Charlotte Flair would be replacing her in the match against Ronda Rousey. What kind of backlash could result as we head down the road to WrestleMania?

   SmackDown kicked off with the clip of Vince McMahon from Raw suspending Becky and replacing her with Charlotte. Charlotte came out stating the constant dropping of the ball by Becky Lynch. From Survivor Series missing her match with Ronda Rousey, then getting herself suspended again and missing WrestleMania.

   She constantly mocked Becky Lynch and the WWE Universe. She also stated that the match with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania is her going to define her legacy. She finally stated that she will be ringside at Elimination Chamber for Ronda’s title defense against Ruby Riott.

Carmella & Naomi v. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville v. The IIconics: Loser enters the Elimination Chamber First

   On Raw, it was determined that Bayley & Sasha Banks will enter the Elimination Chamber first. Now, this match was going to determine the other team to start the Elimination Chamber with Bayley & Sasha.

   In a highly contested match between two of the three teams, Naomi was able to finally get retribution on Mandy Rose by hitting a split-legged moonsault for the win.  Mandy & Sonya will now start the Elimination Chamber against Bayley & Sasha.

   The IIconics played the smart game by staying out of dodge so they do not risk being the loser. However, after the match, The IIconics laid out Naomi & Carmella. Will the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions come from the Blue Brand?

McMiz TV w/ Special Guests: The Usos

   This Sunday, the unlikely SmackDown Tag Team Champions of The Miz & Shane McMahon will defend their titles against The Usos.

   The debut of McMiz TV had to be jam packed and featured the #1 Contenders. This was an intense verbal battle between these two teams. From talking about wives and affairs. Also, stating why each team talking about who truly is the best tag team on SmackDown Live.

   The Miz & Shane hold up the titles showing what truly matters most. That is until The Usos superkicked them and left Miz & Shane laying. Can The Usos leave Elimination Chamber Sunday as 6 time Tag Team Champions?

Gauntlet Match to Determine Last Entrant in Elimination Chamber

   The following gauntlet match will determine who will enter the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship last, giving them a significant advantage heading into Sunday.

   Due to injury, Mustafa Ali will not be able to compete Sunday, so Kofi Kingston of the New Day will be his replacement.

   Kofi & the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan started the gauntlet match. From the beginning, this was a hard hitting and brutal match. These two did everything in their power to get the biggest advantage heading to the Elimination Chamber. Daniel’s insurance policy got involved by throwing Kofi into the timekeeper’s area. Daniel tried to take advantage but ended up getting hit with the trouble in paradise for a huge upset win. Kofi pushed on to his next challenge.

   His next challenge was Jeff Hardy. Kofi suffering from the previous matchup has to put that behind him to focus on the fresh Jeff Hardy. Kofi was able to push through and hit the SOS for the win. Kofi still has some fight in him.

   However, the next entrant in the match is Samoa Joe. Kofi had to defeat the powerhouse to move on. Kofi shockingly countered Joe’s Coquina Clutch for the pin. Kofi is putting in by far the best performance of his career. He has been in this match for almost an hour.

   However, after the match, Samoa Joe attacked Kofi. He locked in the Coquina Clutch on Kofi and refused to release the lock. AJ Styles came down to aid Kofi to see if he could continue in the match.

   Kofi refused to give up and told AJ to his face to fight. Kofi’s heart is showing why he is one of the underrated talents onthe roster. AJ takes the fight to Kofi, but he will not give up. But, at sometime, it was going to have to come to an end as AJ was able to defeat Kofi. Hats off to Kofi Kingston, what a performance.

   Now it comes down to the final two, AJ Styles & Randy Orton. AJ steadily waited for Randy to finish this fantastic gauntlet match.  But, AJ is hit with an RKO from outta nowhere. Randy Orton then pinned AJ to secure his spot to be the last entrant in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match.


   This was a really good episode of SmackDown. Lots of wrestling and not that much talking makes a good wrestling show. Especially, being the go home show to a pay-per-view on the road to WrestleMania. But, Kofi’s performance is something to remember for time to come; over an hour in the gauntlet and beating the who’s who of SmackDown, including the WWE Champion.

David Jacobus
Staff Writer

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