Look Up Child: Lauren Daigle

   Lauren Daigle, the 27-year-old Christian pop singer, recently released her new album “Look Up Child.” The album features 13 songs that feature a raw sound, not overdone with electronic beats, but back to the basics.

   She recently began her tour, with concert dates in Ohio three times. Her concerts feature a simple, modern design with lots of flowy curtains and an open stage. For a list of upcoming shows, you can visit her website, laurendaigle.com/tour/

   Daigle has been making music for several years now, and recently won an American Music Award at the AMA’s on Oct. 9, where she performed her hit song “You Say.” Daigle won under the category “Favorite Artist Contemporary Inspirational.” To see a list of award winners and performers click here http://(https://www.theamas.com/2018/10/winners-announced-for-the-2018-american-music-awards/)

   Daigle said she began to see her losing parts of herself after the release of her last album “Behold,” and decided it was time to take a break. During her break, she took a trip back home to Louisiana, “to remind myself who I am, where I came from, where are my roots.” she said.

   Daigle’s top song, “You Say,” does not shy from that theme of finding your roots. With a message of faith based love and rooting yourself in God, Daigle touches many Christian hearts.“I had to flip my skin inside out for this record” Daigle said in regards to what her intent was for the album’s message. The album focuses on the Christian identity. Daigle’s album is very powerful and has a more intimate sound than some of her previous songs. Her song, “Rebel Heart,”, is about giving up a stubborn attitude and devoting her life to Christ.

   When asked about her song, “You Say,” she said she was blown away by the response from listeners. The song has made a huge impact, Daigle has seen many comments about it’s encouraging message, a message that has made an impact on many people contemplating suicide.

   Daigle recently performed at Statesville Correctional Prison for a service. “I saw hope in the face of the hopeless, joy in wake of sorrow, wealth in the gap of depravity, and life in the midst of death,” said Daigle about her visit at Statesville. This was an uncommon thing, an artist performing at a correctional facility, and was all the more inspiring.

   Daigle’s music has been touching people for years, since her debut album, “How Can It Be.” Daigle not only has music on her own albums but has made other music too, featured in the song “HARD LOVE” with the band NEEDTOBREATHE in music for the movie “The Shack.” She also has teamed up with other bands like The Belonging Co in songs like “Peace Be Still.”

   Daigle will continue to tour her new album into March of next year. In regards to new music, we will have some time before we hear a word about that. In the past, Daigle has done covers to Christmas tunes, so we now wait to see if we will get any Christmas music. Until then, we have “Look Up Child.”

Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Staff Writer

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