Old School vs. New School: Michael Jackson vs Bruno Mars

   In the past few weeks, I’ve talked about the King of hip-hop, so now I have to talk about the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Michael is another artist that not a lot of new school artists can say they are better than. A lot of today’s music is inspired by old school music.

   This applies to all genres of music, as we wouldn’t have a Drake or Bruno Mars without Tupac or Michael. This brings me to my next comparison, Michael vs. Bruno.

   From what I have researched so far, people don’t think Bruno is better than Michael but he does remind a lot of people of him.

   From his music, his style and to his dances moves it’s a lot like Michael. I noticed this myself during one of Bruno’s performances when he did the moonwalk. This dance is one of many dance Michael was well-known for.  

   Bruno is one of the artists today that may be the closest to Michael Jackson, and while I’m not saying he can replace him, he does a lot of things that resemble Michael. For example, Bruno’s video “Finesse” has the same beat as Michael’s video “Remember The Time”.

   In Bruno’s video, he does a lot of the old school dances mixed with old school clothes. Not only in remembrance of Michael but to all the oldies.

   A big difference from Michael’s music and Bruno’s is there is a storyline in Michael’s videos. He sets a scene where you kind of forget you are watching a music video and almost feels like a movie.

   Personally I don’t feel a lot of music artist today can do that, I usually just skip the video until they start singing or rapping.

   In “Thriller,” “Remember the Time,” “Beat It” and many other songs of his all told a story. His videos all around were fun to watch; he really had a gift many artists today like Bruno also have; by being able to entertain through his music and that’s what it is all about.

   Michael was a performer since being part of the Jackson Five at a young age, so it was not much of a surprise when he got bigger during his solo career.

  You could really see Michael’s whole family was very talented, and coming from a musical background Michael was destined to be a good performer.

   Performing at a young age is something him and Bruno also have in common. According to biography.com, Peter Gene (Mars’ real name) “grew up in a very musical family.” His father was a Latin percussionist and his mother was a singer.

   They both have that confidence of being able to reach the stars and didn’t let anyone get in their way. Bruno’s family also performed together like the Jackson Five. So, it sounds to me if you have you come from great performers then you will be one as well.

   I don’t think Bruno’s fans are the only ones noticing the similarities between him and Michael. Bruno pays tribute to Michael with certain outfits he wears and his dance moves, sometimes even doing impressions of Michael.

   Overall, I don’t think anyone can fill the shoes of Michael, so we can all just look at Bruno Mars as a modern day Michael Jackson. Michael will forever be missed and is always in our hearts as the king of pop.

Tiauna Horejsi

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