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Baseball team saves lives

On September 23, 2014 Tuesday evening, members of the Sinclair Baseball team put in time and effort to drive to the Community Blood Center to donate blood.

Every year Coach Stephen Dinatman takes his players to donate blood at the local blood donation center. This annual event has a lot of impact on patients in the Dayton area, and had the 2014 defending OCCAC regular season champions doing more than just playing baseball, they were hitting homeruns in many positive ways.

“I will also do a blood drive and encourage my players to save lives and to be lifetime blood donors. It’s important to educate people on the process of donating and how important it is to a community. Their donations could help save a stranger, a friend, or a family members life, and hopefully if they needed blood, someone would do the same for them,” said Coach Dintaman.

It is estimated that each person can save 3 lives with just one donation. Millions of patients need blood transfusions each year in the U.S. and Canada, and someone needs blood every two to three seconds which is one reason why this issue hits so close to home with Coach Dintaman.

“It’s a nice feeling to leave here knowing that you helped save three lives. It’s great if you can step up to the plate – no pun intended,” said Dintaman.

In 2007, an all-conference pitcher underwent a by tonsillectomy during the summer and was fighting for his life. During repairs to the artery his carotid artery was nicked and he nearly bled to death on two separate occasions. Coach Dinatman has understood the critical conditions that occurred, and the importance of blood donation after watching his player recover.

Fall is a very busy season with practice games, scouting and also weightlifting. It is rare for the team to have Tuesdays off, but it was a great day to spend at the Community Blood Center.

The 20 players who donated blood were Mason Aelker, Austin Eads, Zach Griffin, Ben Myers, Travis Rowland, Daniel Sexton, Jordan Allen, Andrew Holderman, Connor Clearly, Eric Hansman, Daniel O’Keefe, Alec Turner, Will Marable, Ty Amann, Tyler Cowles, Alex Youn, Keenan Carter, Billy Kidd, Kyle Sheperd and Adante Warren.

This wasn’t just a regular Tuesday for our Tartans, because many lives were not only changed but also saved.

Sinclair’s Lady Tartans vs. UC Bearcats

The Sinclair Tartans women’s volleyball team will be taking on the number one ranked University of Cincinnati’s lady Bearcats here at Sinclair on Friday and have been practicing hard for the match.

“The players believe that they are a team and they also trust my coaching, unfortunately they have not performed 100 to 110 percent. I would say they played about 75 percent of their capability for the last weekend’s four matches,” said Coach Gan.

“We are looking forward as a team to play above that next week.”

The Tartans have been practicing this week after their match against Columbus State.

“ We need to do much better on our kill percentage and close up the block. From the result of last weekend’s four matches, we improved about 12 to 15 percent in our kill percentage from less than 10 percent to 20 to 23 percent. This is big for the team,” said Coach Gan.
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Sinclair’s 2014 Women’s Volleyball Team

Sinclair Community College women’s volleyball team Coach K.C. Gan has been known for his amazing coaching skills for our Lady Tartans, Coach Gan has been the head coach for the women’s volleyball team since 1999, this will be his 16 season with the women’s volleyball team. Coach Gan isn’t just a coach, he has also been a player himself. In 1968- 1969 Gan was named captain from Muar High School, in Malaysia. In 1981 -1986 he played for the USA open tournament. 2000- 2005 Gan was part of the USA Senior Olympic tournaments. Coach Gan had many other playing experiences. Unlike most, Coach Gan had never pictured himself coaching for a women’s college team. He soon changed his mind after helping his daughter with a one on one session, which he still does with many other players. “Coaching is my passion, I’ve always wanted to coach. I love coaching” said Coach Gan.

Coach Gan’s objective this season is not only to improve with his record from last year but also to bring this years team to play at a higher level. “Hopefully I see some great improvement by the end of this season, the great part about this new team is that they are all coachable” Said Coach Gan. When asked what his struggles were with last years teams, Coach Gan responded,“ Last year team

wasn’t a struggle for me but my main trouble was coaching a with a two time All American, because it’s hard to coach a team with a superstar,” Gan said. “Not everyone was able to meet up to her potential. This year team is much easier than last year, everyone is at the same level and willing to teach each other without one player being better than the other.

The women’s volleyball team has seven new
freshmen players, Samantha Armantrout, Meslissa Mireles, Stephanie Anderson, Erica Cole, Emily Ostendorf, Krystal Falknor, and Kendra Vanover, along with five returning players Carly Butler, Elizabeth Collins, Rebecca Moyer, Tiffany Jordan and Claire MccGowan. Gan said “All these players are very capable to become leaders.”

“I want to see leadership this year I’m not sure from whom will this leadership will come from but hopefully one of my returning players show out for me this year” said Coach Gan.

The lady Tartans started off their season with their first home game vs. Vincennes University, with a strong start, strong with hits from left to right and great back and forth matches, the ladies were able to end the night with a one game victory. From the looks of it this will be a great season for our girls.

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Baseball Season Recap

Head coach of Sinclair Community College s baseball team, Stephen Dintaman who is known around campus as a great coach was also very well-known student athlete in his prime for our Sinclair men’s baseball team back in 2002.

He has now taken his passion for baseball and turned it twoards coaching. Dintman is now in his seventh season as a head coach for Sinclair. Since becoming head coach Dintaman has achieved a total of 35 wins and 5 titles championships.

“Baseball is something that I do as a passion and will continue on doing it,” says Coach Dintaman.

The Sinclair Men’s Baseball team did an outstanding job this season with a record of 46 wins and also went undefeated until April. Even though they did not win the conference title, the Tartans had a great season. Coach Dintaman had no complaints about his talented athletes, when speaking about his team last season. He spoke with high praise of his team, he claims last season was “one of the best seasons we ever had.”

“I was able to coach very talented players, but one struggle was injuries from our top pitchers who weren’t able to perform,” Dintaman said.  “This team made it very exciting for me to coach.”


Dintaman said the team was a great group even though they didn’t achieve as much as he had hoped, but it was still a suscessful season.

Sinclair’s Men’s Baseball 2014-2015 team includes returning starters first basemen Eric Hansman, centerfielder Alex Young and two catchers who split time,Andrew Holderman and Keenan Carter. The team will be welcoming 30 new recruits. Although this season did not end as they planned, they are hoping to be a healthy team for next season.

“One expectation is to have leadership from this returning group of boys,” Dintaman said. He said the the new recruits will be young but he wants to have a better record this year.

‘I want to win a confernce title this year and have an even better record.” Dintaman said.


Sinclair athletics on the move

The Sinclair Community College Baseball team was ranked top 20 in the nation for the 2013/2014 season despite setbacks because of the weather.

“Four of the five teams were ranked in the 20 in the nation,” Athletic Director Jeff Price said.

Due to the uncooperative spring weather, the April 17 softball game had to be rescheduled because the opponents field was under water, according to Price. As a result, he had to find a replacement game.

Softball Player Sierra Breeze, a second-year student from Kettering who is majoring in Early Childhood Education, said they were headed to Indiana Tech to play the replacement.

“We have won more games than we have lost and we also got to travel to Myrtle Beach for a tournament, which was a great team building experience.”

Price said that Sinclair’s Baseball team recorded this season’s second no-hit decision and their bats are hot. In a recent four game series, Pride batsmen plated 34 runs against conference with Cuyahoga. In addition, they beat a strong Ohio State club team.

HVAC student Noey Graham said he was unaware the team was good enough to beat Ohio State.

Both the Softball and Baseball teams play their home games at Athletes in Action Field, which is located in Xenia at 1197 South Detroit St.

The Softball teams last home games are scheduled for May 1 and 2, while the Baseball teams are April 25 through the 30.

“I see Sinclair as part of a student athlete’s journey and I enjoy helping young men and women enrich their lives,” Price said.

He added that the majority of Sinclair’s Student-Athletes go on to four year schools, and often come back to thank the department for the investment in their future.

In addition, the department will have a new website in the upcoming month similar to that of Penn State and Yale which can be found at

“The website should be live in about a month,” Price said.

For more information on the Athletic Department, call 512-3000.