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  • How to be Basic


    It’s that time of year again, y’all! It’s fall, and the leaves are changing colors. Okay, the leaves aren’t changing colors yet, and it’s barely official. Let’s get real though. If the month is after August and ends in –ember: it’s FALL!

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  • Playing It Forward: ‘Party’ Planning


    Does flying across the country to meet strangers sound like a healthy decision? What about sharing hotel rooms for events? Perhaps you’ve heard the stranger danger talk, I certainly did. I wasn’t raised too shabby, but life is simply doing just that. Everyone will just be a stranger if you let him or her be […]

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  • My Voice: Outreach? More like haunting

    DonkeyHotey | Flickr

    Last week I published an article on the visit by Chelsea Clinton to Building 12 of Sinclair. The event was supposedly targeted at millennials, yet there’s almost no evidence that the campaign hit their mark. Perhaps the Clinton campaign needs more gun control. In the room was predominantly middle-aged white women, far from the millennial […]

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  • How to procrastinate


    For some people procrastinating is not a verb in their vocabulary. I don’t understand how that’s possible, but some people just make action plans and stick to them. I, on the other hand, make plans and usually wait until the last minute to do said plan. I don’t advocate for procrastinating, but let me tell […]