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‘Dont try it’ diets

Diet - PaleoFor years, dieting has been a multi-billion dollar industry. From celebrities to sponsored content on publications, reliable and accurate dietetic information is hard to come by. For what reason? The less a would-be dieter knows, the more likely they are to fail their diet. By the time the diet has failed, a new diet is created. This is the cycle of “fad dieting.”

One of the most consistent fad diets is a the “juice cleanse.” Supposedly, by not eating—and instead drinking odd, often unscientific, illogical ingredients—you remove biological toxins and improve your health. Generally low calorie, the juice cleanse mania has taken turns from early wheat grass mixes to maple syrup and beyond, having thousands forego solid foods in hope of outstanding results. Continue reading ‘Dont try it’ diets

Your Voice

Do you feel that video surveillance is an invasion of your privacy or do you feel that it is a necessary part of a safe society?

Don Holbrook,
Businesses Management
“I think it was an invasion of privacy, its ridiculous. This country, I don’t know where it’s headed, but it’s headed in the wrong direction.”

Abe Dobson,
Engineering Major
“I think it’s necessary, if you’re not doing any thing wrong, there is no reason why you should mind that there are cameras around. But they need to be regulated, like if they were catching parking tickets, I think that’s wrong.”

Hannah Guseman,
Liberal Arts
“I would say I am in the middle between the two, because there is definitely a need for people to be recorded in certain instances like robberies and things like that, but there is a point where it’s just too much. You should be able to walk down the street and not have to worry that you’re getting caught on every single camera.”

Abraham Alzhm
Biomedical Major
“I think its got to stop—you know, go back to what they were doing before”

Ron Poole,
History major
“It depends on who you are, I would say that if you had a child missing, its probably a pretty good idea. That’s what I usually say with a lot of that stuff. With the cameras all over the place, the cameras in New York City, a lot of people say,oh, it’s invading my privacy, if your kid was missing, you might feel different about it. I’m out in public, I have no expectation of privacy. If you are out in public, you should have no expectation of privacy.”

New Year, New You

The 2014 year has come to an end and Sinclair students share their New Year’s resolutions for 2015. However some students have not considered their resolutions yet due to the overwhelming stress of last semester finals and the holidays.
“Honestly I haven’t even thought of one,” said John Parker, music major, when asked about his resolution for 2015. He did share a past resolution,
“Always help others that are in need.”
This resolution is a common aspiration that can be on the top of everybody ’s list.
Continue reading New Year, New You

This I believe

My name is Adam Al-ibraheem and I believe in reading.

I believe that reading is the key to learning whatever one wants or needs in order to achieve almost any goal one sets for him or herself.

When I was younger, my father came to visit me from Kuwait during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school. My father would call me in the morning and request that I pick him up from a bookstore around the Dayton mall area. Usually later on in the afternoon, I would show up at Barnes and Noble or Borders, in order to meet up with him for the day.

I would always find my father in the café drinking hot tea with a stack of books he had found within the store. Meeting him like this went on for a few days until finally I asked him: “Why are you always at the bookstore? That’s so boring, why don’t you go to the mall or see a movie?”

My father responded “Oh my son Adam, I love to read; I read all the time. Did you know I have my own personal library that has the biggest selection of books in Kuwait?”

I told him that I did not believe him; he then asked me what I was interested in.

I told him that I wished I wasn’t so shy, and that I was more outgoing and able to talk with anyone effortlessly.

My father laughed and then said, “My son, the bookstore offers all kinds of different books from physics to psychology, to astrology and such. Did you know that there is an entire section of books on how to communicate more effectively?”

I was shocked and told him that I was unaware of this.

My father then said: “A bookstore has all kinds of different books to choose from and you can learn all kinds of different things. I know of a good book that I believe may help you to become a better communicator, I believe it is called ‘How to Win Friends and Influence’ or something like that…let us go and see if they have it.”

The book my father was talking about was actually Dale Carnegie’s, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

I began to read that book and devoured it in one night. I think I read the entire book three more times within one week.

My father left a few weeks later, but left me with one of the most valuable lessons: the joy of reading. Because of that small event 10 years ago, you can now find me at the local bookstore with a large stack of books as well.

Since I learned about the joy of reading, I have utilized the knowledge I acquired from books, I am no longer shy and can communicate to strangers in a relaxed manner. I, too, also have a large collection of books in my house — just as my father said he did. I will never forget that experience he shared with me 10 years ago.

My name is Adam Al-ibraheem and I believe in reading.


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