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  • Dishonest Hillary

    We’ve all heard the attacks on Donald Trump, but the Democrats aren’t necessarily innocent either. We call Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe,” so why not call Hillary Clinton “Dishonest Hillary”? It’s suiting since the term “demagoguery” and “untrustworthy” pops up with her name.             Hillary Clinton has had a long run in the political atmosphere of […]

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  • ‘Dont try it’ diets

    For years, dieting has been a multi-billion dollar industry. From celebrities to sponsored content on publications, reliable and accurate dietetic information is hard to come by. For what reason? The less a would-be dieter knows, the more likely they are to fail their diet. By the time the diet has failed, a new diet is […]

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  • Stars and Barred

    September 21-Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio made headlines after the involvement of the NAACP resulted in a policy change for student’s expression of free speech on campus. The Confederate Flag, or more specifically the “Stars and Bars” is no longer to be flown at any time on school grounds.

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  • Succeeding in an online course

    Know what’s due this week AND next week Eliminate the question, “What am I doing?” and “What am I doing next?” entirely. Not knowing the answer to those questions eats away at the clock. Not wasting the time procrastinating really puts goals in sight and most importantly mainstreams effort into results.

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  • Your Voice

    Question: Do you feel that video surveillance is an invasion of your privacy or do you feel that it is a necessary part of a safe society? Don Holbrook, Businesses Management “I think it was an invasion of privacy, its ridiculous. This country, I don’t know where it’s headed, but it’s headed in the wrong […]

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  • New Year, New You

    The 2014 year has come to an end and Sinclair students share their New Year’s resolutions for 2015. However some students have not considered their resolutions yet due to the overwhelming stress of last semester finals and the holidays. “Honestly I haven’t even thought of one,” said John Parker, music major, when asked about his […]