The Walking Dead returns

The eighth  season of AMC’s The Walking Dead hit the premiered last weekend and follows season seven, which contained some of the most emotional and brutal moments in the series. Spoilers follow below. With the…

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The RoosterTeeth production “RWBY” returned with its fifth volume last week. FIRST members of the RT website were able to view it Oct. 14, members simply registered to the site were able to watch on…

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2

“Love Live! Sunshine!!” returned with its second season on Oct. 7. The series continues to follow the adventures of the idol group Aqours. Experiencing failure and creating new (and recovering old) bonds have led the…

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Star Trek: Discovery

The newest installment of the “Star Trek” series premiered last weekend. “Star Trek: Discovery” takes place about a decade before the original “Star Trek” series. It is not in the same timeline as the J.J….