A Shift in Design: The 2019 Visual Communications Design Show

   The 2019 Visual Communications Design Portfolio Show, the annual event for visual communication and interior design students to show off their accumulated work is April 30.

   This year’s theme is “Shift: Design Moving Forward,” which was pitched by 2nd year visual communications major, Jessica Valle.

   When I asked Jessica about this year’s theme, “Shift: Design Moving Forward,” she had this to say:

   “When I created the name for the show and the tagline, I was trying to find a common thread between all of us in the Design Department. So, that’s where I came up with ‘Shift: Design Moving Forward’; as design students, we are all in a state of transition whether that be 1st year to 2nd year, or 2nd year to a 4-year college, or 2nd year into the workforce. We’re moving forward. Design is always moving forward, and if you want to get really philosophical about it – we are ALL in a state of transition, ‘shifting’ in one way or another in our lives.”

   Jessica’s own portfolio includes 12 projects focusing on branding and marketing, some of which were for real companies including: Golden Spring company of Bellbrook, Ohio and the YMCA of Greater Dayton. She also designed a cd for local artist Rick Lee James, as well as a fictional Dog Cafe to honor her dog, Baylee.

   Jessica, who has 10 years of photography experience and works for the YMCA of Greater Dayton as their Digital Media Specialist.

   “The event is really for all the graduating students to give them a chance to show off their professional portfolio and present it to faculty and family,” said Joy Hardin, associates of applied science in interior design major, who will be participating in this year’s event.

   She went on to add:

   “I am excited, although on a normal day, in the middle of a bunch of projects and assignments, it’s easy to lose sight of the final goal. Graduation is sneaking up fast! From what I remember from last year’s event, all the first years present their work for evaluation while the second years attend a panel of alumni and faculty in the building 12 auditorium. They share stories, advice, and answer any questions the graduates may have. Then it swaps and the second years set up their assigned table to best show their work.”

   “My project for the event is my portfolio which is the culmination of all my projects over the last two years. It’s taking the best of my projects and making them even better so that I can present my work to potential employers and clients. Interior design students have both residential and commercial projects to show. It’s a chance to show off the best of our creativity.”

   “All the first years are required to participate in the portfolio show to give us the experience of what it’s like to present our work.”

   “The goal of the Shift Design Portfolio Show goes in a lot of directions, I think. It’s a place for first years to get an honest opinion from a professional. It’s a time for first years to look at 2nd year’s work and see what is possible for them in the coming year,” said Valle about the show.

   She went on to add:

   “For 2nd year students, it’s a time of pride for all the hard work we’ve done, but it’s also the end of our Design classes at Sinclair. For teachers, it’s about seeing the fruit of their labor. For parents, it’s about seeing their children succeed. And for our Portfolio team, it’s about making sure the event goes well and then taking a LONG nap the next day. Because we’re gonna need it.”

   “It’s a very exciting time for us,” Said Stephen Hollenbeck, visual communications major and member of the 2019 design team, along with Jessica Valle.

   “We put countless hours into our portfolios and to finally have people see just what we’ve designed in our classes and provide feedback is amazing. I hope students from other majors will stop by during the open floor to see what us crazy designers have been up to.”

   The 2019 Design team for the event consists of Jessica Valle, Elizabeth Peterson, Justin Pokorski, Chris Pugh and production assistant Stephen Hollenbeck.

   The event will be held in Sinclair Conference Center, building 12, with the show begins at 3:30 p.m. with a Design Forum: Alumni Presentation/Panel Discussion.

   The portfolio assessments will begin after that at 6 p.m., and an open house that is welcome to friends and family will begin at 7:45 p.m. and run until 8:30 p.m.

Richard Foltz

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