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  • Dirty politics

    Anthony Dunn | Creative Director

    This is the first time the battle of the sexes coincides with the battle for the White House and voters are taking notice. Come November 9, America will have made history: The first female president or the first president to have hosted “The Apprentice.” Neither side has been spared from the onslaught of scandals. One […]

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  • Player Profile: Meg Reineke

    Meg Reineke plays for the Sinclair Volleyball team and Sinclair Women’s Basketball team. Reineke is from New Knoxville, Ohio and she plans to major in Business Management. She hopes to continue to play volleyball at a 4-year university with one of her options being the University of Indianapolis.

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  • How to stalk your prey


    This week’s installment of ‘How To’ actually features a step-by-step on accomplishing something. I’m going to give you the best advice possible on how to stalk your prey. This advice can be applied to both animals and people, but for the sake of simplicity you are a beautiful, strong lion and the prey is gazelle.