Be mine online

EYESACThe obsession for social media has created a new format for communication and human relationships, but has technology gone so far as to kill romance?

It has certainly changed the “dating game” and some may even say it has added complications to the process.

Before the 21st century, romantic partners didn’t have to think about whether they needed to tag a photo with their other half or if their significant other was texting potential “hook ups.” Continue reading Be mine online

Will Woosh woo or woe?

IMG_9018Woosh, a sustainable water company selected Sinclair as a main portion of

their market testing in the greater Dayton area. The Dayton Region Israel Trade

Alliance played a key role in the process of bringing Woosh’s business to Dayton.

Launched February 1 outside the Main Street Café in Building 10, President

of Sinclair Steve Johnson was there along with Montgomery County City Commissioner Dan Foley, Dayton City Commissioner Chris Shaw, head of the Dayton Development Coalition Julie Sullivan, and co-founder and CEO Itay whatshisface to kick off the opening of the Smart Stations. Continue reading Will Woosh woo or woe?

Iowa Caucus: a coin toss

Coin tosses, record breaking, shocking results, and misleading polls — it was caucus night in Iowa. The amount of votes that the top three Republican candidates received was the highest it has ever been on Tuesday night. Ted Cruz was declared the winner for the Republicans, which contradicted the polls and placed Donald Trump in second. Marco Rubio placed a strong third, which shocked many. A coin toss is what allegedly determined the Democrat’s winner, who was Hillary Clinton. Continue reading Iowa Caucus: a coin toss

A Close Shot

2016-02-03 20.17.04

The Tartan Prides men’s basketball team overcame a huge 14-point deficit to close the door on Columbus State with a shot from DeAngolo Gates with less than five seconds left to win 67-65. In one of the more competitive games this season, it was more Columbus State being well prepared for a high flying Tartan Pride offense. Continue reading A Close Shot