Dear Gabby Week of September 23

Dear Gabby,

I recently just got out from a three and a half year relationship during the beginning of summer, and things ended pretty badly. I have not talked to her since and I’m really curious on how she’s doing. I’ve been debating to call her or not, but sometimes my pride takes control of me, or maybe its just me telling myself that I’m just going to get hurt if I do.

Sincerely, What to do
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Ohio Constitution modernization

On Wednesday, September 17, Richard Saphire, retired Law professor, talked about Constitution Day,
and the impact of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission.

Saphire started the event with a brief trivia session on the United States Constitution, as well as the Ohio Constitution.

“I want to talk about the relationship between federal and state constitution,” Saphire said. “And modernizing the Ohio Constitution.”

Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution. In 1787, the U.S. Constitution was drafted. Since then, it has been amended 17 times, not including the Bill of Rights, within a span of 200 years. Saphire engaged with his audience by asking what the purpose is for the Constitution.

“What is the function of the Constitution?” Saphire said.

“A way to unify all the state governments,” an audience member said.

Saphire responded back saying it’s a way to provide a document of unification. He also wanted to know the reason why we have state constitutions.
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Sinclair’s Lady Tartans vs. UC Bearcats

The Sinclair Tartans women’s volleyball team will be taking on the number one ranked University of Cincinnati’s lady Bearcats here at Sinclair on Friday and have been practicing hard for the match.

“The players believe that they are a team and they also trust my coaching, unfortunately they have not performed 100 to 110 percent. I would say they played about 75 percent of their capability for the last weekend’s four matches,” said Coach Gan.

“We are looking forward as a team to play above that next week.”

The Tartans have been practicing this week after their match against Columbus State.

“ We need to do much better on our kill percentage and close up the block. From the result of last weekend’s four matches, we improved about 12 to 15 percent in our kill percentage from less than 10 percent to 20 to 23 percent. This is big for the team,” said Coach Gan.
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Early Childhood Education Center at Sinclair

January 2015 will marks 41 years that the Early Childhood Education Center has been a part of Sinclair Community College.

Sinclair established the ECEC to meet the childcare needs of students, parents, faculty and staff.

SCC supports students from all demographics wanting a higher education for various reasons. One particular demographic that stands out are students who are also parents because there is the challenge of taking classes and working while trying to raise children.

The ECEC helps students of these circumstances with its affordable prices and opportunities for their 3-5 year olds to grow and learn in a safe environment.

Prices for the center are very affordable for students and even those in the community who are not students but want their child to get an early start on education. For students with 3 or more credit hours, the cost is only $2.75 per hour and $65 per week while non-student prices range from $6.00 per hour and $155 per week.

There are opportunities for a child to receive 12.5 hours per week of free childcare if the family can meet certain income guidelines.

“We don’t just watch children…” said Carla Rhoades, director of ECEC. “Our center wants to prepare children for a higher education”.
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Sinclair Talks enhance the studies of students

Sinclair Talks centralizes cultural, social and personal issues into daily sessions that focus on helping students become more successful.

What started as a weekly event, has now turned into a daily session of what is modeled after Ted Talks.

Sinclair Talks came into existence three years ago when Peter Bolmida, coordinator of transfer services, wanted to provide students with a consistent schedule of presentations from faculty and staff. His main point was aimed toward answering his question: “what can we do to help students be more successful?”

The first year of Sinclair Talks hosted 30 sessions of presentations.

“We had just under 1000 students the first year, with 10 sessions a quarter,” Bolmida said.

His main goal was to enhance the studies of students by giving them
an opportunity to supplement their classroom work. Because of the interest of Sinclair Talks, Bolmida said they now provide talks daily.

Not only does Sinclair Talks use the knowledge of faculty and staff on campus, but they also bring in outside speakers to provide students with the best information.
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Pride and Prejudice Fall Performance

Sinclair’s Theater department is presenting a production of Pride & Prejudice during the weekends of September 26 until October 4.

“ The story of Pride and Prejudice is a romantic comedy that was originally written at the end of the seventeenth century… but the story is really modern,” Kimberly Borst, assistant professor in the theater department.

The casting for Pride & Prejudice happened at the end of last spring semester.

“We work five days a week… there’s a whole huge team of people to make something like this get on its feet… we have been working on this all summer,” said Borst.

Borst said she knows who is going to audition, theater students must audition, but she does not know who is going to take on different roles.

“I am beyond excited about it, “ Borst said in response to her opinion of the cast for Pride & prejudice.
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