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  • New Beginnings with END Program

    Nevit Dilmen | Wikimedia

    This Fall semester, Sinclair Community College has become the second college in the state of Ohio to offer an electroneurodiagnostic (END) degree. While the electroneurodiagnostic technology has been around for some time in various dated forms, it is advancing into a life-saving and sophisticated field that is in high demand for students and employees.

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  • Beyond stereotypes

    Brittany Fletcher | Designer/Intern

    Sinclair celebrated International Day of Peace by hosting a “Beyond Sound Bites and Stereotypes: Meeting Islam in Person” program by the Multifaith Campus Alliance and the Muslim Student Association. The program took place on Wednesday, September 21 at the Sinclair library loggia. It featured a presentation and panel discussion with Muslim faculty members and staff.

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  • How to be Basic


    It’s that time of year again, y’all! It’s fall, and the leaves are changing colors. Okay, the leaves aren’t changing colors yet, and it’s barely official. Let’s get real though. If the month is after August and ends in –ember: it’s FALL!

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  • Playing It Forward: ‘Party’ Planning


    Does flying across the country to meet strangers sound like a healthy decision? What about sharing hotel rooms for events? Perhaps you’ve heard the stranger danger talk, I certainly did. I wasn’t raised too shabby, but life is simply doing just that. Everyone will just be a stranger if you let him or her be […]