Sinclair Student Poetry Submissions – Week of October 7th

All poems by Latisha Ellis

Reality in a Dream

A sweet breeze washes over the tree Remind me of a peaceful time I once lived

The wind comforts me like a blanket As Mother Nature soothes my soul Where have you been, Father Time?

I’m 22 now.

The leaves sing to me a melody of utopia Where the sky is a milkshake of colors and berry blossoms fill the air

But instead

I look around smack from my delicious day dream
to my reality of a mentally broken estrogen filled alcatraz

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iPhone 6plus

iPhone vs. Android

On Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, iPhone released its latest and highly anticipated iPhone 6. Students were asked how they felt about the new smartphone and all the media coverage and attention it’s received.

Logan Burns, a second year student and iPhone user, says that he’s been a proud owner of both iPhone and Android and comments on the differences in complexity.

“I feel like Android is more complicated to use, so if you’re not really that tech savvy person then it’s kind of hard to get the hang of an Android. Whereas the iPhone is more simplified, ” Burns said.
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Sinclair Bookstore celebrates National Student Day

On October 9, the Sinclair Book- store will be honoring National Student Day by holding an event from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. in the Building 8 Student Activity Center. The purpose of National Student Day is to celebrate and promote social responsibility by college and high school students.

The event will have several Sinclair clubs and services, as well as community organizations to help celebrate volunteerism and to share their volunteer opportunities with students. The bookstore will be handing out free National Student Day items for people who participate in volunteering, or sign up for one of the organizations in attendance. There will also be snacks, music and other activities at the event for students to enjoy.
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DDN 16 Nov 1930

Haunted Sinclair

With Halloween just around the corner, Sinclair students, faculty and staff are reminded of the campuses own paranormal activity.

For those unfamiliar with the stories, Sinclair has quite the history with the supernatural, so much that according to, the campus is said to be one of the most haunted college campuses in America. The reported hauntings are said to be in Buildings 2, 7 and 13.

In Building 2’s Blair Hall Theater, people have reportedly said they have felt tugging on them, seen doors clos- ing on their own and have heard such things as random laughing, babies crying and meowing cats.
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