breast cancer survivor | barbara battin

Barbara Battin is a Sinclair faculty member, and a two-time breast cancer survivor that has been in remission for the past 14 years.

Battin was first diagnosed in 1983 at the age of 32, and then again during 2000 as a newlywed. As the first in her family to be afflicted with the disease, she said she felt that it was unusual for somebody as young as she was, to be diagnosed.

During a self-examination, she remembers feeling an unusual lump that prompted a visit to her gynecologist. It was after a mammogram screening that Battin discovered she had breast cancer.
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Our last stop through the haunted articles will be a tour of haunted spots throughout Ohio. The spots being featured will send chills throughout the entire buckeye state and possibly give the gem city a run for its money in fright-factor.

Ohio State University in Columbus has the second largest student body population in the United States, even beating out University of Texas in 1997. Since being founded in 1870, OSU has had its fair share of hauntings on its large campus. One is the haunting of Pomerene Hall, by Dr. Clark, a professor who killed himself in the early 1900s after becoming depressed about a failed mining operation. His wife, only known as Mrs. Clark, swore to never leave him, died in the 1920s and haunted an area on campus known as Mirror Lake, supposedly in a pink dress. Not much is known about the ghostly activities of Mrs. Clark, but Mr. Clark is known for doing the typical non-harmful ghost shenanigans. In a case of irony, Pomerene Hall, the building Mr. Clark haunts, now houses The Mirror Lake Café.
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A new law has been passed in the state of California changing the way college institutions define sexual consent.

Rather than using the refrain “no means no,” the definition of consent under the law requires “an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision” by each party to engage in sexual activity.

The regulation requires all colleges taking student financial aid funding from the state to agree that in investigations of campus sexual assaults, silence or lack of resistance does not imply a green light for sex, and that drunkenness is not an acceptable defense, according to the San Jose Mercury-News report earlier in August.
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VOTING: Why it is important

Voters, young and old, will cast their ballots next Tuesday in the midterm election, and some polls expect the young voter turn out to remain low as it has the past three elections.

Voter turnout in general is always lower in midterm elections, and has been since the late 1800s. A poll conducted by Harvard University through the past year shows a decrease in young voter enthusiasm for this midterm election.
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Meet Dr. Jessica mckinley


Dr. Jessica McKinley is an assistant professor in communication at Sinclair Community College. This semester she teaches interpersonal communication, both online and face-to-face, and mass communication.

Why She is interesting…

McKinley is a native of Dayton, Ohio and graduated from Carroll High School. She went on to graduate from the University of Dayton, obtaining her master’s degree in communication. Then she obtained her Ph.D. in health communication from Purdue University.

“I enjoy the content [of communication] and as I furthered my education I realized just how much I could do with communication, so I went into research methods and got my Ph.D. in health communication,” said McKinley.  “I was able to tie in a lot of things that I loved like science and biology with communication.”
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harvest day

Embrace all things autumn by attending the Campus Activity Board’s (CAB) Harvest Day event.
“We’re ready to celebrate the theme of October,” said Mar’Shell Crosby, Sinclair student.
The event will be held in Building 8 on Thursday, Oct. 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Crosby said not everyone celebrates Halloween or  other holidays in October, so CAB decided to create an event that aims toward fall activities. So everyone is invited to partake in the activities scheduled for the day.
There will be relay races, musical chairs, a minute to win it game and line dancing, as well as pizza, apple cider and surprise treats. In order to sign up for the relay race, students must come in teams of three.
The deadline is October 29,  and students can sign up at the CAB office in Building 8 room 025.
Not only are students welcome to attend, but children from Building
9’s early childhood education center are also invited to join the fun.
“We’ll have musical chairs for the students and a leaf walk for the  toddlers,” Crosby said. “It’s really cute.”
Crosby said this is the first  year they are hosting this event, and they hope to have a really good turn out.
“We hope to have at least 50 to 100 people attend. It’s for  students to come and celebrate the theme of October, and to enjoy themselves,” Crosby said.